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Online Agile Retrospective

Conduct a retrospective with a remote team using Google Hangout.

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Each participants post their feedbacks

Post positive, negative or neutral feedbacks about the sprint. During this time, your cannot see the feedbacks of other participants.

Then you see all feedbacks

At the end of the first phase, participants are able to see others' feedbacks. A great support to start the discussion.

Select the point you want to improve

Individually participants will choose the most important point to improve for the next sprint. Because the vote is personal, rogue people cannot bias the vote by voting at the end.

Improve ideas, one idea at the time

Among the most important points, you will find collectively some actions to do for the next sprint.

Share and archive

Don't make a photo of your board but share the URL.

Audio and video

Audio, video and chat included, thanks to Google Hangout.

Quick & Easy

It's integrated into the same interface as Hangout you know and love.

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